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  • About us
    We are a unique boutique import company based in Israel. Our goal is to find the best flavors worldwide and bring them back home. We specialize in finding the most unique and unforgettable flavors, the most exceptional food items with one of a kind taste. Most of the products that we bring to the market are still undiscovered and we bring those products, those unforgettable tastes to our local people of Israel.


    Our main focus is to take on travelling extensively and through our journeys we find brands that offer the best quality for the best price. The products are rigorously selected and combined with a careful and expert manner to deliver the best taste to our clients. Our product taste is such that the customer base falls in love with it! Our brands are chosen so that there is no lack of quality and the final product has an exceptional taste. The brands after selecting are added to our portfolio which we present to our consumer base and sometimes some brands are carefully mixed in order to generate a new and unique taste to surprise our client.

    Our company goes out of its way to deliver the best culinary experience there is. We place a strong emphasis on food as well as on drinks. That is why we chose to bring you the best and freshest wine whose taste will leave you wanting more. All the food and wines we bring to you are of the highest quality.